Operational Improvement

Capability development and training

The best way to grow an organisation’s success is to grow the ability of those working for it.  We design and deliver professional development programmes that enable our clients to develop their abilities, accelerate progress towards their goals, and reduce the need for external support. Our training programmes have been running for over 5 years and include strategy development, sustainable procurement, environmental management and reporting frameworks like GRI and <IR>.  We can also develop customised in-house training to meet a vast range of specialised needs.

Sustainable operations and supply chain

Working proactively with procurement and supply chain partners is an effective way to manage risk and reveal opportunities for improvement.  We help clients evaluate suppliers and procurement processes to reinforce supply chain partnerships, and support work towards shared outcomes.

Environmental Management Systems

The growing number of sustainability systems and certifications can be confusing; which one is right for you? Making the right choices to provide a strategic and cultural fit makes sure real value is added.  Our team is familiar with all the leading management systems and certifications – like ISO, EnviroMark, and B Corp – as well as a wide range of industry specific standards.