“Combining a clear vision of what true sustainability entails for our firm, with solid internal business systems has been fundamental to our progress and ongoing achievements.  The two together provide a concrete foundation for our annual Sustainability Report and ensure we are doing the right things, in the right way.”

Jerome Partington, Sustainability Manager & Senior Associate, Jasmax

Good internal processes deliver ongoing success for Jasmax

Jasmax is one of New Zealand’s largest commercial architecture and design practices. Having designed over 15% of Green Star buildings in NZ, and as the first practice to attempt the Living Building Challenge with Ngai Tuhoe’s headquarters (Te Whare Kura), Jasmax is a recognised leader in Sustainability.  The Proxima team have been proud to be there along the way providing support to develop the internal systems that ensure sustainable choices are simply business as usual for the Jasmax team.

Since 2008 Jasmax’s sustainability journey has been underpinned by the company’s strategic vision – “We inspire our people to imagine and innovate beautiful solutions that enhance our environment and society” – which is guided by four clear decision making principles.

As Jasmax started to work towards this vision, it recognised the need for robust internal management and accountability processes. And so, in 2010, began working with Proxima’s Calum Revfem; initially focussing on the implementation of a Jasmax Environmental Management System (JEMS) and then maintaining the firm’s ISO14001 certification. With JEMS in place, Calum has continued to work with Jasmax’s Sustainability Manager, Jerome Partington, to establish and develop an annual Sustainability Report, using the GRI Standard; and the fourth version of this report will be released in 2017.

Through establishing a clear sustainable vision, the architecture and design practice was able to create a robust management process that provides a strong framework for planning and decision making. As a result, Jasmax has generated a number of innovations, including their own Sustainable Design Review tool; which captures the sustainability potential of their designs in the early stages of their projects. In addition, Jasmax was recognised for their management processes when they won the Large Business category in the 2016 AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards.

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